Hot topic alert! This is a question that so many patients get completely hung up on- should I go with 325 or 350cc??? Whether you’re selecting your size following a mastectomy, weight loss, breast feeding, or any other reason, it’s still a question that commonly arises. 


Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters, or cc’s and range in size from about 80cc to 800cc. So how in the world are you supposed to know what size implant will look right on your body?


You may be thinking, “my doctor can just tell me how many cc’s equal a full B cup or a small C cup. Then I can figure out the number of cc’s my implants will be from there.”  Unfortunately, implant sizing doesn’t work that way. Because breast implants are not measured in cup sizes the way that bras are, it can be difficult to wrap your head around what size implant will look and feel right to you.


Here are a few factors to consider when choosing your breast implant size:

  • Your overall body frame: A 350cc implant can look much different on two different body frames. Someone with wider or more broad shoulders may need a larger implant size to achieve a “full C cup” while a more petite person with a very small frame would likely require a smaller implant for that same cup size. The end result is the same cup size, but the implant size used to create that result on those two patients is different.
  • The size, shape, and symmetry of your breasts before surgery: If we are using a 350cc implant as the example, someone who is starting with an A cup will have a much different result than someone with a full B cup to begin with – even if they both have 350 cc implants. Your end result largely depends on where you start, and your natural breast size and shape will influence the end result as well as the implant size used to create your desired look. Another advantage of breast augmentation is that it can actually reduce breast asymmetry by using different implant sizes on each side. This is something you will need to trust your surgeon to do by using his or her expertise, but it is something to keep in mind when looking at factors that can determine implant sizing.
  • Your desired result: Before and after photos can be VERY helpful in determining the right breast implant size for you. If you haven’t read our post on how to read before and after photos, we have some great tips to be sure you get the most out of photos! Many doctors or websites will list the specifics along with the photos- the implant size, patient height and weight, implant size and final cup size. Choosing photos that closely resemble your “before” and represent your desired “after” will help you to get very close to that ideal implant size!


A great way to think about implant sizing is the Goldilocks story (track with us here).  There are different variations to the story, but we can use the size of the bed for this one- one bed is too small, one bed is too large, and one is just right for Goldilocks.  That’s because of who Goldilocks is- if she were the size of Mama Bear, her bed would be just right! The differences in each person’s size, shape, frame and style all affect how a particular implant size will look and feel on them.


Instead of getting fixated on this number, search for photos of women with similar body types and breast size of your desired outcome. If you show your surgeon these photos and have realistic expectations, you will be much more likely to be pleased with your results.


Chrysalis founder, Lauren Simpson says “I remember getting fixated on this number and I gave my surgeon the green light to make the ultimate decision in surgery. Not all surgeons will agree to this. When surgery was complete and I was in the recovery room and learned that he had gone over the initial agreed upon “number” I was in shock. Ultimately, the end result was exactly what I wanted and I was grateful that I had entrusted my surgeon and his experience to get the finished look I was going for. “


We’ve learned after talking to many women that the ones who’ve been disappointed in their size are usually the same ones who were more conservative in their decision airing on the side of the smaller of the two or three choices. Remember that you will be swollen for several months post-op and your final size will be difficult to see until then.


Regardless of your final size decision, go into the surgery with confidence and leave the doubt at the door. It’s not healthy to beat yourself or others up after surgery with regret about the final size, so make your decision and stick with it with confidence.



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