Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). According to Wikipedia, multiple charities nationally recognize the month of October to raise awareness and funds to help with researching the cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure. In addition, the campaign also offers assistance, information and support to those suffering from breast cancer.

Statistics of Breast Cancer

According to

  • About 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer. These occur due to genetic mutations that happen as a result of the aging process and life in general, rather than inherited mutations.
  • A woman’s risk of breast cancer nearly doubles if she has a first-degree relative (mother, sister, daughter) who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Less than 15% of women who get breast cancer have a family member diagnosed with it.
  • Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women. In 2019, it’s estimated that about 30% of newly diagnosed cancers in women will be breast cancers.
  • For women in the U.S., breast cancer death rates are higher than those for any other cancer, besides lung cancer.
  • The most significant risk factors for breast cancer are gender (being a woman) and age (growing older).
  • About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.

The alarming numbers above indicate that there is a common misconception that you’re more likely to get breast cancer if you have a first degree relative who has been diagnosed than if you do not.  Although a woman’s risk is nearly double if she has a first-degree relative with a history of breast cancer, the fact that about 85% of breast cancers occur in women with no family history is worth noting. 

Risk Factors

Many risk factors are beyond your control such as age, race, family history and medical history. As always, be sure to talk to your doctor about your risk factors for breast cancer. There are some associated risk factors that you can control and should take steps at minimizing for your overall health and wellbeing.  According to, these are some behaviors you can adapt to help reduce your risk of breast cancer:

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Early detection is so critical and can be life saving with breast cancer and that is why knowing the symptoms, performing screening and self-breast exams is so important. The National Breast Cancer Foundation has a free symptom guide that you can download by visiting their website here

According to the American Cancer Society, any of the following unusual changes in the breast can be a symptom of breast cancer:

  • swelling of all or part of the breast
  • skin irritation or dimpling
  • breast pain
  • nipple pain or the nipple turning inward
  • redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin
  • a nipple discharge other than breast milk
  • a lump in the underarm area

If you notice any of these symptoms, be sure to talk to your doctor about your concerns. Sometimes these changes can be signs of something such as an infection, cyst, benign fibrous tissue, or something else. But it’s important to not ignore any changes that occur in your breasts and get checked early by your doctor. 

The Chrysalis Method BCAM Initiative

At The Chrysalis Method our mission is 100% to help women. With our direct initiative of helping women following breast surgeries, we want to raise awareness about breast cancer to help prevent breast cancer-related surgeries altogether. Please follow us this month as we share some inspirational stories of women we know who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. In addition, we have a few companies we want to highlight who’ve offered special promotions in light of breast cancer awareness month. Stay tuned for lots of wonderful posts in the coming months! 

We would like to extend an exclusive offer for the entire month of October to anyone who wants to sign up for our program of $79 OFF using the code: BCAM79. This code can be used for someone who has an upcoming breast surgery between now and October 2020 but must be purchased by October 31st, 2019. The program doesn’t get activated until the surgery date, but the pre-surgery benefits can be used anytime before then. Please let us know if you have any questions. You can also gift the program to a loved one if you’re looking for something to do for them that they wouldn’t normally do for themselves. 


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