In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we will be featuring a company each week who has agreed to offer a special promotion for their product/s to help raise awareness for breast cancer. We are extremely grateful for all who have agreed to participate this month and continue to raise awareness on breast cancer.


This week we would like to highlight one of our partners, Recovery Box Shop. The owner, Elisha, has family members affected by breast cancer and she herself understands the importance of comfort, convenience and quality products when recovering from a surgery.


Breast surgeries are often overlooked when it comes to post-op care and protocols. The development of The Chrysalis Method was founded on this principal considering all other surgeries have a formal protocol and breast surgeries didn’t until The Chrysalis Method. Likewise, the all-in-one post op kit created by Elisha and Recovery Box Shop includes the essentials to ensure a better recovery.


The convenient kits with Recovery Box Shop “offer all the essential post-operative care products a patient would need, eliminating the hassle and stress of gathering individual items from multiple locations.”

  • Kits are convenient for patients who travel to receive surgery.
  • Kits help provide a sense of comfort and convenience during the recovery process.
  • We provide top quality products directly recommended by surgeons.
  • A free disposable post-op pillow is included with every kit.


The Breast Post Procedure kit currently includes 7 items for your convenience and Recovery Box Shop is offering an exclusive promotional offer of 25% off with the code: ThinkPink25 in honor of those fighting and surviving breast cancer. This offer will be valid until Oct. 31st, 2019. This kit is also a great gift idea if you know someone fighting breast cancer and has an upcoming surgery scheduled. Recovery Box Shop will also be donating $15 of every order to the Susan G Komen Foundation.


“You get the benefit of saving all of the time, research, and money spent during the recovery without the hassle. Our goal is to help create comfort and convenience for you and make your post op experience as carefree as possible!”-Elisha

These kits do not include drain holders, but not all women have reported using the drain holders. Instead – many report using safety pins as an inexpensive alternative to keep their drains attached to their clothing.

Please visit their website and let us know if you have any questions. Thank you Recovery Box Shop for your special offer and generosity for the month of October honoring breast cancer awareness month!

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