Earlier this week, Laura Birdwell was kind and brave enough to share her breast cancer story with us.

tata to cancerToday, we wanted to introduce you to her blog and movement- Tata to Cancer.

Laura and the amazing survivors around her have come together to share stories of their journeys, encouragement for other women who are fighting, and to educate any of us who may be at risk without even knowing it.

We know that Laura did not fit into the “wait until you’re 40 to get a mammogram” category, and many women do not.

We encourage you to visit the blog and read these incredible women’s stories and take your health into your own hands by performing a self exam or scheduling a mammogram this month.

And don’t forget to check out her Tata to Cancer shirt on The Shop Forward!

laura birdwell tata to cancer

You can also read all about the Breast Brunch Ever event that they hosted recently on her blog and you can also check out our post to see what we learned from these amazing fighters and their panel of experts!

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