How Did The Brobe Come About?

Imagine getting out of the shower, donning a robe that already had a supportive bra that would catch that vicious boob sweat. Or, sitting through chemotherapy wearing your most comfy robe with drain holders so you didn’t have to worry about them hanging down or having to pin them to your clothing. Well guess what, this genius idea came to life and is called the “Brobe” -hence bra + robe wordplay. 

In 2009, Allison Schickel and her friends were on a girls trip when this idea came about. One year later when Allison’s friend was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer she described her experience of walking the halls of the hospital in the standard hospital gown and her drains hanging down as nothing short of humiliating. 

“She didn’t have any other option because that’s just what it meant to be in recovery.”

This was not okay. Allison set forth to create something amazing. Allison used her skills and created the Brobe in 2012. According to – “Over the last seven years, Allison has taken the time building alliances & proving the product-market fit. By demonstrating 100% year-over-year growth since 2012, she hopes to secure investor interest so that we can bring Brobe International products to women all over the world.”

The Brobe Features

Not only is the robe itself made of an incredibly soft cotton-blend fabric, it’s lightweight and 3/4 length sleeves allow easier access for IV’s if necessary. The built in pockets allow for holding JP drains and the detachable buttons allow for the bra to be either attached or detached. The bra is velcro front attaching and has pockets fitted perfectly for the beaded ice packs or prosthetics. 

This comfy combination robe is ideal for not just breast reconstruction surgery but any breast surgery.  The Brobe company offers additional products making the recovery period easier to manage including but not limited to: hot/cold packs, post-op drain belt, cooling wrap, “Healing Comfortably” (a 26 page guide tailored to those going through breast cancer), and other various items. Be sure to check out their website for more information. 

Connecting Brobe to Chrysalis

When our owner, Lauren Simpson, reached out to the Brobe’s COO, Keila dos Santos, in June of this year to learn more about the company she was in awe of the backstory and how the two companies missions aligned so closely. Allison and Lauren both connected to loved ones affected by breast cancer and both have used their knowledge and backgrounds to create companies focused solely on helping women recovery from breast surgeries. 

Lauren explained to Keila, the Brobe COO, that she had recently learned about her sister-in-law’s breast cancer diagnosis. Not only was she a single mother diagnosed with breast cancer but she was also 27 weeks pregnant. This news struck Keila and she generously surprised Lauren by mailing her a Brobe gift box including all of the essentials to give to her sister-in-law for comfort during her pregnancy, chemotherapy and the surgery that will follow.

“Connecting with companies who strive to make lives better and situations more comfortable is so invigorating. Knowing there are others out there who just want to help those affected by breast cancer by providing services and products is incredibly reassuring. We want women to know there is support available in so many places and it’s so important to seek that support in such a trying time. The Chrysalis Method not only offers support but it also addresses the physical and nutritional needs of women following breast cancer surgery. ” -Lauren Simpson


Thank you Keila and Allison at The Brobe for making my sister-in-law’s day and future days a little brighter with your amazing products while she undergoes her breast cancer treatments. 

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