Just a few months ago, I couldn’t get my husband to eat an avocado if his life depended on it. Now, it’s a staple in his diet as well as both of our kiddos’. Avocado can be eaten plain, as a topping on just about anything, or the primary ingredient in a recipe. Not to mention there are tons of health benefits in this incredible fruit.

Loaded with Vitamins, this high nutrient fruit comes with no sodium, and very little carbs. Check out this article from Healthline.com to see just how many vitamins are packed in one little avocado and you be the judge of adding this simple fruit into your diet for so many added benefits! Still not convinced, here’s another article addressing 12 health benefits of avocado.

One year ago, we shared a favorite recipe that is loaded with nutrients and it’s so simple! Be sure to check it out here.

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