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The Impact of COVID-19 and Breast Surgeries

The world as we know it has changed over the past 3+ months. The respiratory illness known as COVID-19, coronavirus, has impacted lives in more ways than we ever anticipated. According to the CDC, the death toll in the US has surpassed 100,000…
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Blo Blow Dry Bar

One thing we at The Chrysalis Method promote with not only our clients but all women is self care. Self-care is so important for so many reasons. When going through an experience such as breast cancer and there's barely enough time in the day…
post-op bra after breast surgery
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Post-Op Bra: Will I Have to Wear One 24/7?

When you ask a woman what the highlight of her day is, you just might hear that it's when she gets home and can finally take off her bra. That moment is DEFINITELY on the highlight-worthy list. So we totally understand the cringe when we…
exercise reduces pain after breast surgery

#1 Way to Reduce Pain Meds after Breast Surgery

With the opioid crisis raging in the United States, many women who are planning breast surgery are concerned about reducing the need for pain medication during the post-op period. In this post, we examine one way to reduce the amount of pain…
woman exercising after breast surgery
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Can I Exercise After Breast Surgery?

Exercise after any type of breast surgery is linked to decreased chances of forming blood clots, decreased chances of developing depression and/or emotional mood swings, as well as reducing muscle atrophy and stiff joints. Some surgeons are…
Best Sleeping Position After Breast Surgery

What is the Best Sleeping Position after Breast Surgery?

Did you know that getting proper sleep and your sleeping position after breast surgery can affect how well you heal? In our post about post-op hydration, we talked about all the ways that hydration can help to speed up the healing process. In…
Breast Implant Illness Symptoms

Breast Implant Illness: How to Talk to Your Doctor

Every day there are more stories in the news about Breast Implant Illness, or BII. And while there is little scientific evidence to support a growing concern over Breast Implant Illness, or BII, nearly 100,000 women have banded together across…
How Much Water Should I Drink After Breast Surgery?

How Much Water Should I Drink After Breast Surgery?

It’s a tale as old as time- everyone says to drink plenty of water. Your teachers growing up in school, your parents, your doctors, and probably your more healthy friends. And if you have kids you’ve probably become the “drink-more-water-reminder”…

What Should I Do to Prepare for Breast Surgery?

Can you ever really be prepared for surgery? Maybe not emotionally, but we do have some tips to help you have your space and life prepared for breast surgery and successful recovery. Get a Recovery Space Ready Most surgeons will recommend…
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How Much Pain Can I Expect After Breast Surgery?

Pain is a part of any surgery, and is generally necessary in order to heal. It may seem like we use this answer a lot, but the answer to this question is: it depends. Pain is subjective. Our founder Lauren Simpson put it this way- “As…