Frequently Asked Questions about The Chrysalis Method:


Will this program go against what my surgeon tells me?

Never. The program we recommend has been approved as a safe and effective way to enhance the recovery period after a breast surgery. But we never want our advice to override what your surgeon has told you. Each woman and each surgery are different, but as a general rule, the recommendations that are a part of The Chrysalis Method are safe and effective. We are happy to communicate with your surgeon if your case has special circumstances so that we can ensure you have a safe and productive experience. 

How does the program work?

Each week, you will receive an email with instructions and videos on the types of movements you should be doing at that point in your recovery. We also offer nutritional advice and provide recipes designed to help your body recover as quickly as possible. As a member, you will have access to an online member forum as well as weekly communication from our founder, Lauren Simpson, DPT. 

Can I participate in Chrysalis if I’ve had a mommy makeover or multiple surgeries at once?

Each person’s surgical experience is unique and the answer to this question will depend on exactly which combination of surgeries you had performed. For example, if you had a lift and augmentation (mastopexy + augmentation mammoplasty) you can absolutely still participate in Chrysalis. If you had a tummy tuck combined with any breast surgery, you most likely would not be able to participate in the lower body movements for additional weeks compared to someone who only had surgery performed in the breast region. Another example is a facial surgery combined with breast surgery and again, this would be surgeon specific. Most facial surgeries have increased restrictions. Chrysalis would still be beneficial for this combination of surgeries, but the movements may need to start a few weeks later compared to immediately after surgery. The last most common surgery combination is a breast surgery with liposuction in any part of the body. The restrictions for lipo will depend on the area. If the incisions are in the legs, surgeons may have greater restrictions. Usually, surgeons are comfortable with participation in Chrysalis after lipo due to the conservative nature of the lower body movements in the first 4 weeks.

Is Chrysalis a weight loss program?

No. Chrysalis is not meant to be a weight loss program. Due to the low intensity of the movements that are necessary post-operatively, the program is not designed for weight loss. Weight loss, however is a common side effect in the later weeks as the movements increase and participants gain discipline from meal preparation and proper nutrition. But this is not the intended purpose of the program.

What if I have questions midway through the program? 

We are here for you. All you have to do is email us at and we will respond as soon as possible. We have dietitians and other medical personnel available should your question be about nutrition or surgical issues. Our members-only forum will also be a great resource to hear from other women who have maybe had the same questions you have. 

What is the cost?

The cost of the Chrysalis program is $279 for the entire 12-week online program and this includes the equipment you receive. 

What does the cost include?

The cost of the Chrysalis program includes 12 weeks of weekly email communication containing recommendations on what you should be doing as far as movement and exercise, a video demonstrating proper movements, a weekly recipe and some general emotional guidance. The cost also includes full access to our members-only web site which has additional recipes and a searchable, private forum full of valuable information and experiences of the women who have gone before you. It also includes the exercise equipment that will be shipped directly to you at no extra cost. 

Can the price be pro-rated if I sign up after my surgery? 

No. You will still have access to the entire program regardless of when you sign up. In many cases, it may be necessary to go back and fulfill previous weeks to get caught up, so we recommend that all women plan to take advantage of the entire program regardless of when they join.

When should I sign up?

Ideally, women should join the program at least a week before surgery to ensure there is time to properly prepare for surgery and recovery. But the program is designed to be effective even if you start after your surgery date. 

Can I buy and gift this program to a friend?

Yes. We have found that the Chrysalis program can be a great gift for someone you know and love who is about to undergo a breast surgery, whether elective or not. If there are a group of women who want to chip in and buy Chrysalis for a friend instead of trying to coordinate meal deliveries, we welcome that and will ensure that your friend receives emails on time and understands the magnitude of their gift.

Will my participation be kept confidential? 


What if I want to share my experience on social media? 

We encourage you to share your experience on social channels. Please tag us when you do, so that we can thank you for sharing your story. 

Have additional questions?

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