At the age of 37, I heard the words, ‘you have breast cancer’. I became the one in eight. I remember thinking, I just ran a marathon a month ago and my bloodwork is perfect. I was ready to fight cancer head on. I was not going to lose  What I wasn’t prepared for was life post double mastectomy with direct reconstruction (implants). I was not prepared to see myself in the mirror. The aftermath is the worst part for me. During the struggle, I was introduced to The Chrysalis Method. Since, I have been able to exercise along with the workout plan established for breast cancer surgery. Not to mention the nutritional guidance and support within the group. Breast cancer is ugly and it’s painful but I refuse to let it define me. It will just be a part of my story. The Chrysalis Method is helping me move forward. The emotional support from others, as well as the founder, is nothing short of amazing. The Chrysalis Method is changing lives.