Lauren, first of all… YES I will be telling my doc my thoughts about the program because I think you’ve created something that most people don’t understand that they will need! When I first mentioned it to DR.XXXXX he said he knew of the program but didn’t know enough to recommend it to his patients so he only wanted me following his instructions …. but there wasn’t much communication from his team other than “you”ll want to take walks, but don’t break a sweat.” (Considering his instruction, I decided to do what I felt like I could do with in your programs guidelines).

Well, walking is great, but for those of us that enjoy more activity, the Chrysalis Method, timing, and the exercises helped me feel like I was still in a regimen…. especially designed for me during this time. So, I found it valuable from both the physical and emotional state.

Speaking of emotions…. whoa. I think that the support area (forums) is also where this program really shines. I got lucky and a friend took the time to explain her experience beforehand so I wasn’t completely caught off guard. Some people don’t have that wisdom going into this type of thing and you can feel like you’re losing your mind. (I cried every day for 2 weeks 🤷‍♀️). This friend of mine actually connected me with a friend who recently had the same procedure, so we sort of cried together during this time. It was a HUGE help!!!! But again, some people don’t have that, it’s not something you want to talk to your doctor or his office about so your forums are extremely helpful for that!!!”