Want to ensure your post-operative journey is the best it can be?


Chrysalis is a 12-week, post-operative online program designed to help
anyone undergoing breast surgery thrive during their recovery.

Our program was designed to add clarity and purpose to your post-operative journey with a protocol designed specifically for breast surgery patients. We want you to know when you can start increasing movements, how to maximize your eating plan and where to turn with questions or for much-needed support from other women who have been where you are. 

We take a three-pronged approach that includes:

How does it work? It’s simple. All you do is:

   Fill out a simple form

We just need a little information about you before we get started.

   Connect with other members

Once you become a member, we give you access to our amazing community of women. Have a question? Ask away.

   Look for a package from us

We will ship you all of the equipment you will need to perform movements throughout your recovery.

  Check out our recipes

Your membership provides access to healthy, restorative recipes you can prepare ahead so you have easy access to healthy meals during your recovery.

  Look for weekly communication

Each week you will receive an email with information for the week, and a link to videos that demonstrate the movements you should be doing.

  Get back to life

Our goal is to help you maximize the recovery period so that you are ready to jump back into life.

Here’s a quick 3-minute video that sums up The Chrysalis Method:

Founder: Lauren Simpson, DPT

Lauren Simpson has her clinical doctorate in physical therapy and has enjoyed working with post-operative patients throughout her 12-year career. She has always enjoyed helping people get back to their normal lives as quickly as possible. Having gone through a breast surgery herself, she realized there was no formal protocol for post-operative breast surgery recovery.

So she created one.

She worked with plastic surgeons, oncologists, cardiologists, dietitians and physical therapists to form a program that is designed to add much-needed clarity and purpose to your recovery period as well as give women confidence to jump back into life after a productive healing process.

“Through Chrysalis, the combination of having nutritional guidance, movements you can do after surgery and having that support all around you is going to maximize your recovery period and help you feel better about yourself after your surgery,” Lauren said.  

Lauren, her husband and their two children live outside Nashville, Tennessee. 

Questions? Email us here.

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